Tuesday 2 October 2018

Growing up

I never thought I'd be so excited for a bathroom to be refurbished, this week my 'shower room' ( as I don't have a bath) is being decorated with a new shower sink & so on..

"Do you need another hand rail in the shower?"
I decided on having one due to making sure I'm safe as I still get clonus.

"Do you need a high toilet seat?"
This time no, its much easier to sit down & stand up independently.

My beautiful brain
Making adult choices.

Monday 1 October 2018

The floor.

Today was a milestone in my recovery as I taught myself how to stand up off the floor,

Something I do need to do while leaning on something but I couldn't do this a few months ago..

The strength of my knees is stronger and my ankle as without my AFO standing up off the floor can be difficult.

My beautiful brain
Reaching milestones.

Thursday 27 September 2018


I wanted to blog about how getting enough sleep helps prevent my seizures & helps my brain recover..

My epilepsy nurse (who discharged me the other day!!) encourages sleep for obvious reasons..

Getting enough sleep helps. Fatigue gets better so falling asleep voluntarily can be difficult.
*is my brain tired or is it fatigue?*

My beautiful brain
Sleeping to recover.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

My stroke of courage.

I always get comments like - "you're so brave" and when I reflect on my recovery it does take a lot of courage..

Sometimes I find myself letting go of my arm & holding my head high enough for my walking to seem strong..

"You can't even tell"
People will say anything to make your confidence stronger, it does help but can get annoying.

I'm capable of everything those without a disability can do,  just a bit slower & with courage.

My beautiful brain
Brave, strong & recovering
'Since 2014'

Friday 21 September 2018

A lost brain.

I didnt know what to title this post but im writing about my memory improving..

People still ask "do you remember?" & remind me of certain events..

My memory is slowly but surely coming back,
I used to only remember bad memories:
Lost friends
The stroke
Things that should be forgotten..

But my memory is fine,

My beautiful brain
Yes I do remember, dont remind me of a bad memory..

Thursday 20 September 2018

Living with epilepsy.

"I thought you were dancing, cutting some shapes!"
"You poor thing it must be awful"
"You should be careful next time, its not nice to witness!"
"Oo you scared me, I had no idea what to do"

Just a few comments from witnesses of my worse kind of seizure - *grand mal*

Epilepsy isnt a choice you make infact if I could I'd only live with my disability & cure the epilepsy..

Its difficult to trust people you're with due to anxiety -
"Will they know how to help me?"
But telling people scares them away -
"I do have epilepsy, but its controlled!"
A look of worry from my recent job interview..

The feeling after is exhaustion, stress, pain & the feeling of dissapointment.
*Bloody hell, now everyone will assume I've not controlled my brain*

You get scared but I get hurt.

My beautiful brain
Dealing with epilepsy.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Learning to swim..

As we made friends and the pool had a slope to walk into, I decided "Im gonna do this".

Naomi and Liam held my arm as I took a slow walk into the pool, I had to wear my splint and shoes so my feet were stable.

But - I got into a swimming pool, bobbing along and going under water..

My beautiful brain
Exhausted from training my brain.